The Neuroscience Gateway

Neuronal simulations, along with data and image analysis, are well-suited to processing on supercomputer clusters. The National Science Foundation provides supercomputer clusters for use by the research community. Use of these clusters requires a detailed application justifying the request for compute time, as well as knowledge of batch system usage. To allow easier use of NSG clusters by researchers in the neuroscience community, the Neuroscience Gateway (NSG) project was started. This project provides a web portal interface and a RESTful interface to neuroscience tools on NSG supercomputers.


This lesson guides you through usage of the Neuroscience Gateway (NSG) portal. No shell commands are required, just use of a web browser. You will need an activated account for NSG portal.


00:00 1. Getting an account How do I get an NSG Portal account?
00:05 2. Upload Input Data How do I upload input data?
00:20 3. Create a Task How can I create a request run a simulation (Task)?
00:35 4. Download Output How can I download my output data?
00:45 Finish

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